Hello 2012!


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As with everyone else, my past week was brimmed up with lots of gatherings which left me with perpetually no time to update this space. Nonetheless, I was really persistent to get the outfit posts going, so my poor boyfriend had to be dragged along in the unpredictable weather, hot and sunny one moment then cold and pouring the next, to snap these pictures for me! I also find that the park has been topping my exhaustive list of places to gather picture-perfect sunlight, to the point that we’re nonchalent about those commando mosquitoes leaving itchy spots everywhere.

I love this pair of shoes from Pazzion! It spins such wearable vintage vibe that I can pair it up with any outfit in the wardrobe. On a separate note, I think 2012 is a tough year for me, with lots of changes laid out in the year plan. Resolutions shall remain as they are as always, I wonder if I’ll ever get them done. Anyway, I’m working on a giveaway post real soon, can’t wait to share with you!

heels | PAZZION

Tis’ the season to be!


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Last week of 2011 and I’m savouring every second I spend with my loved ones, especially friends who are always busy all year round. Maybe that’s the reason why I look forward to Christmas.

me: I just love the Christmas songs and deco and everything that encompasses it this year! Christmas is just so special! Awwww… (self-indulging in my love for Christmas)

boyfriend: You say the same things every year..

me: Really I do?

boyfriend: Here, get a recorder for your Christmas speech.

Digging out these month-old photos we took near Royal Cafe, one of our favourite lunch hunts!

My favourite dish has gotta be this!

white buttoned dress | thrifted
ipad | gift from the bf
ipad cover | moshi
bracelet | helen
knee-high socks | topshop
skirt beneath | love bonito
heels | heatwave


Merry merry Christmas!


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How’s your Christmas so far? It was a warm homemade one with a simple countdown at home. I woke up freezing this morning for the Christmas sermon on Christmas day and once again marveled at how the Lord gave us his only begotten son to trade for our eternal life in heaven. Life has special days like this to keep us on track with God because we have this tendency to sidetrack and forget what our Father has done for us in small and big ways. Hope that Christmas means something as significant for you too.

So this outfit shoot is taken at the park near my place. This fifteen minutes stunt is enough to make us run for our dear lives back to the car. Wasn’t ready to spend my Christmas nursing those dreadful mosquito bites.

faux fur knitted cape | PROMOD
hat | thrifted
Collared sweater top | dip drops
shorts | rosebullet
gold wing bracelet | helen
heels | charles & keith
bag | burberry

On the side note, this was my Christmas prezzie from the boyfriend! 🙂

I’ll love it to death till us part! Have a joy-filled week ahead!


The Haven, Seminyak


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We were grinning from ear to ear the moment we stepped in. The beautiful sight of the beautiful poolside and chill-out restaurant immediately soothed my earlier anxiety caught from the mad rush to board the plane (We were starved and almost couldn’t make the flight). It was the kind of haven we’ve been craving for a long time. No phone calls and text messages to attend to, no peeved responsibility to clear those piling workload and no deadlines or appointments to meet. In all honesty, I’ve always dragged the boyfriend along to shopping destinations (read: Tokyo, Taipei yadda yadda) and I was really sceptical about travelling to Bali. It became apparent over the next couple of days that it actually helped curb my spending, temporarily. The only shopping trip I made was to get a ripcurl shirt for water rafting which was totally unnecessary when I later came to learnt that I could go in bikini. And that was all. Can’t believe that I came back within the baggage limit, that’s quite a bit of an achievement for shopaholic me.

Of course, the shopping addiction resumed the moment I touched down the airport back home. I hoarded a bottle of Elizabeth Arden body lotion and a few Hoegardens (for my alcoholic aunt) and my favourite Bailey. I blame the poor will power for not resisting duty-free shopping.

On a happier note, the boyfriend got me something I’ve been salivating over for eons at the Bali airport. That will be the subject of interest for the another post! My whole weekend was spent at home in destitution and isolation. Strangely enough, I’m enjoying every second of it!


Back from Bali

Just popped by after two short trips to Malacca and Bali.
Short trips like these stop you from whatever you’re doing and in the process allow you to gain new perspective, direction and of course, the very much needed break from city life.
Especially when you go without your phone or even internet at times the whole day, you surly appreciate nature and the people you love being with in ways you can’t fathom.

I’ll be back with loads of pictures to speak for themselves.
Happy Holidays and be safe! 🙂

Sequins Asymmetrical Assemble


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Oh my! I realized that I haven’t popped in for a week! The holiday season has its way of stealing time from you without asking and I’ve been attending gatherings and parties of all sorts.

These were taken many days ago and I’ve like a few more hundreds of photos waiting for me in my cameras. Yup, I’ve tons of cameras! Maybe I can do a camera post some day!

We ordered some snacks from Delifrance for the party. They look so pretty!! Especially the macarons in every single hue. My favourite has gotta be the raisin viennoiseries. Without a doubt a staple every time I frequent Delifrance!

How are you spending your holidays so far? I’m making a short trip to Malaysia to give my aunt a surprise on her birthday and a beach getaway to Beautiful Bali the week after! Gee I better start planning my beach outfits!

sequins top | topshop
Asymmetrical skirt | ASOS

Net-a-porter Attack


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I’m recently totally hooked to net-a-porter and today’s new arrivals just got me a little over the top! *squeals and shrieks*

Lovely Miu mius calling out to me..

These are some items I’m obsessed about but couldn’t afford so they stay in my wishlist.

Chloe Paraty Bag

We Are Handsome Bikini (would be oh so perfect for my coming Bali trip!)

Gucci ipad cover! It’s so pretttttty!

Givenchy Cat eye-frame glasses

So what’s in my closet so far? 🙂

Kenneth Jay Lane Swarovski Earrings

This designer is fast becoming one of my favourite. I can’t point a finger to exactly why but just look at the other elegant designs he comes up with! I’m a convert after owning this gorgeous pair, not to mention that the quality is worth every penny!

Miu miu bikini

I went crazy over it when I first saw it on Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage who made it look so perfect! That was also how I discovered Net-a-porter (took me a long white, I know! I’m really slow when it comes to online shopping) and totally became the addict I am today!

My favourite YSL Arty ring

I was waiting for the right colour so when this came, I knew this was the one that I had to get my hands on! It has the vintage vibe that I always had a penchant for and it goes with most outfits! That being said, it’s a loud accessory and my loved ones are still not used to seeing me flashing this beauty during conversations. They say it looks like I’m wearing a rock on my finger! LOL

Till the next Net-a-porter attack..

*The images are clinkable

10 Favourite Fondrey Photos (I)


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Not long ago, I started a blogshop called Fondrey. It is my baby darling as it’s always been my passion to do something fashion-related. Like a floodgate, it brought back my barbie-doll days and dressed-up days. Everything that encompasses fashion is in me. Studio shoots for Fondrey, purchasing for Fondrey and describing the clothes in the most delightful manner. Oh, how I wish I can do all of these again! Can’t help gushing about those wonderful times so I’d like to share some photos I love most from Fondrey.

There’re only so many photos your eyes can take so I’m leaving 10 Favourite Fondrey Photos (II) to the next post! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

HEELS in camel | charles & keith
Strappy HEELS IN BLACK | Aldo
Leopard print sling backs | Guess
ALL other outfits | Fondrey

Marina Bay East Park


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Maroon has been on my mind quite a lot, can you see? It’s the perfect autumn hue for me right now and it seems like I’m eyeing on anything and everything maroon! I just nailed this new sweater love from a Topshop event I attended the day before. My boyfriend and I love spending Sundays together, especially so when you start the day with the Lord, singing and praising Him! After lunch at our favourite dim sum restaurant, we decided to spin around and found Marina Bay East Park, the new kid in town. The nearly opened park is mostly quite deserted and we love that we have the whole park to ourselves except for the few occasional joggers and dog-walkers. It’s our first time dancing in puddles and laughing in the rain! We got ouselves dirty sitting by the pond and eventfully, my Chanel bag accidentally made its way into the stream! I would normally go wild if it were to come into contact with water but to my surprise, I reached out for my camera to capture its drowning moment. That was the highlight of the day! It’s amazing what a relaxing day without having to rush through deadlines and crowds can rejuvenate and perk you up for the week ahead.

Bag | Chanel
Turban | ASOS
Inner singlet | Vintage
Oversized Sweater | Topshop
Ring | Yves Saint Laurent
Necklace | Chomel
Shoes | Charles & Keith

Bare faced.



I had the pleasure of working with CJ on Sunday morning and it was pretty refreshing to have a shoot with barely-there make up. I thought I wouldn’t be able to pull it off without my usual liner, mascara, lipstick and cheek stain but the photos proved me wrong. It’s a little unnerving to face the camera with a bare face but CJ put me to ease by letting me mess my hair and basically just be myself.

Wearing my favourite necklace and tank top. I own 4 of these tops in different colours. Just love how it fits me like a glove!

Trench | Mango

White tank | Mango

Jeans | Mango

Necklace | My Little Bow

Ring | ishine

Earrings | ishine