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The day I looked forward the most in July came and left in a flash. Again, I owe it to my workaholic nature to squeeze some lessons in the morning to instill some hope in the uninitiated, grumpy students. Oh well, that’s how far my sense of responsibility gets me. I make the world including myself hate workaholic me.

The second half of the day was spent exploring the mall with my partner-in-crime who made me come home with quite a regrettable buy which I shall address another day.

I threw on a Finders Keepers dress only to find myself moistening up right after I stepped out. In sunny Singapore, premium materials simply struggle to earn a place under the sun. And I thought years of buying dainty angora sweaters, thick Christmas knits that now stay hidden in boxes up my closet would teach me a lesson or two.

Anyhow, it’s an elegant LBD that stands out!


ootd28081ootd28083 Finders Keepers the adventure dress | purse: Chanel | heels: Givenchy | ear cuffs: Ryan Storer | bracelet: Hermes