Well, I started another venture which is close to heart.
I’ve been tutoring for such a long time and when the opportunity came for me to start a learning centre to help more students excel in their studies, I jumped at it!

It’s not easy opening a brick & mortar business.
I’ve learnt not to procrastinate and take responsibility for everything that involved the business.
For the past 1 year 7 months, I’ve been breathing, eating and sleeping Tutelage (the name of my learning centre). There’s not a day that goes by without thinking about how to improve the business.
It worn me out so much that I gave up Mollylodge (my baby), my social life (quite non-existent to begin with), my free days (even public holidays) and health altogether. I fell and still am falling ill every other week due to lack of sleep or exhaustion from work.
Despite all these, I still love where I am now and I’m really proud of myself for making it this far. My desire to succeed gets even stronger owing to many detractors who did not believe in me. As for those of you who believe in me, I’m really grateful for the belief and will continue to work hard!

Now that business has stabilised, I can finally return to my love for fashion. I’ve gotten into this bad habit of hoarding lots of pretty clothes, bags and shoes to make me feel better for working so hard. Such a vicious cycle I know. Mental note to self: stop hoarding and start wearing them!

chanel1 chanel2 chanel3 chanel4 chanel5 flowers1Chanel boy new medium in lambskin light pink | Chanel classic ballerinas in classic beige/black two-toned lambskin