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Shuffling between balloons, dresses, shoots and emails has been nothing short of occupying every waking hour of mine for the past weeks.

I should resolute to manage a blog post or two, albeit a short one here. How is your February coming along? It’s just so lovely for me. The boyfriend told me to leave my Tuesday free and I’m incredibly excited every single day now. I know people always find Valentine’s day commercialized and unnecessary. I beg to differ! We are always so caught up with work and do not make it a point to celebrate the relationship we’re in. These special days, just like Christmas and New Year, are like alarm clocks to wake us from the daily drill and drone so that we do special things together and etch these precious memories that we can tease each other about from time to time.

Yes, that’s the vintage seashell purse that just arrived the other day. I’ve been dreaming of such a purse for the longest time and it’s like a dream come true! Never gonna let such a gem leave me ever!

roses in cream vintage dress | coming soon @ Mollylodge
Vintage seashell purse | the caravan
Chain floral ring | forever 21
Gold plated cuff | de silver
Clock stack rings | fie japan
Heels | pazzion