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Maroon has been on my mind quite a lot, can you see? It’s the perfect autumn hue for me right now and it seems like I’m eyeing on anything and everything maroon! I just nailed this new sweater love from a Topshop event I attended the day before. My boyfriend and I love spending Sundays together, especially so when you start the day with the Lord, singing and praising Him! After lunch at our favourite dim sum restaurant, we decided to spin around and found Marina Bay East Park, the new kid in town. The nearly opened park is mostly quite deserted and we love that we have the whole park to ourselves except for the few occasional joggers and dog-walkers. It’s our first time dancing in puddles and laughing in the rain! We got ouselves dirty sitting by the pond and eventfully, my Chanel bag accidentally made its way into the stream! I would normally go wild if it were to come into contact with water but to my surprise, I reached out for my camera to capture its drowning moment. That was the highlight of the day! It’s amazing what a relaxing day without having to rush through deadlines and crowds can rejuvenate and perk you up for the week ahead.

Bag | Chanel
Turban | ASOS
Inner singlet | Vintage
Oversized Sweater | Topshop
Ring | Yves Saint Laurent
Necklace | Chomel
Shoes | Charles & Keith