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A shoot done a couple of weeks ago with Esther and Grace.

Our freshly beautified faces! Pardon the pinned up curls, eeks!

We had lots of fun and goofy accidents during the 2-day shoot but this is one of the shoots I laughed the most at my clumsy demeanor, coupled with the discovery of my lack of dining etiquette!

Taken in the limousine which I bumped my head against on my maiden boarding.

Not to mention that it took place after an embarrassing fall in the middle of Marina Bay Sands! The weight of the barang barang we had to carry while rushing from one location to the other was too much for my tiny heels to take!

I love sweet Esther!

The whole crew burst out laughing when I held the fork the wrong way. I didn’t realised I looked that bad until I saw how all my fingers clasped onto the fork like I’m gonna stab the pudding to death!

Meet the chirpy nanny and cute stylist!

Can’t wait for the catalogue to roll out.