Finders keepers


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The day I looked forward the most in July came and left in a flash. Again, I owe it to my workaholic nature to squeeze some lessons in the morning to instill some hope in the uninitiated, grumpy students. Oh well, that’s how far my sense of responsibility gets me. I make the world including myself hate workaholic me.

The second half of the day was spent exploring the mall with my partner-in-crime who made me come home with quite a regrettable buy which I shall address another day.

I threw on a Finders Keepers dress only to find myself moistening up right after I stepped out. In sunny Singapore, premium materials simply struggle to earn a place under the sun. And I thought years of buying dainty angora sweaters, thick Christmas knits that now stay hidden in boxes up my closet would teach me a lesson or two.

Anyhow, it’s an elegant LBD that stands out!


ootd28081ootd28083 Finders Keepers the adventure dress | purse: Chanel | heels: Givenchy | ear cuffs: Ryan Storer | bracelet: Hermes



My yellow, happy pill!


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outfit07231   I contemplated for a long time before purchasing this Givenchy Antigona bag. Reason being that I had already bought one black medium as a work bag a few months ago. In addition, yellow doesn’t pay much compliment to my skin tone. When mytheresa emailed me this as a last piece alert, I started panicking! I knew I would cry buckets if I had missed a chance to get my hands on this! It would look so pretty even just sitting around in the sea of mess in my room. There’s no way I’m not getting my hands on this lady! So after a bout of anxious clicks of buttons and days of anticipation, the pop of yellow happy pill greeted me cheerily on a breezy morning. Yum! I opened my parcel with a dance and knew that I would love this for a perennially long time. outfit07232 outfit07234Top: Zara | Pants: Style Nanda | Bag: Small Givenchy Antigona in Yellow grained leather | Wedges: Burberry Pardon me for the awkward smile. After two years of running a non-fashion business fraught with difficult decisions, day-to-day worries and endless hours of teaching and hollering at kids, it has been reduced to such a state. On the side note, this was also my Burberry wedges’ maiden voyage. They looked so cordial and pleasing snoozing on my cabinet for months but the moment I brought them out for a walk, they started biting my toes and left me with a few blisters. Gotta work on repairing this discordant relationship now. Have a great mid-week!

Back to blogging: Why I was away for so long & my Chanel hoards!



Well, I started another venture which is close to heart.
I’ve been tutoring for such a long time and when the opportunity came for me to start a learning centre to help more students excel in their studies, I jumped at it!

It’s not easy opening a brick & mortar business.
I’ve learnt not to procrastinate and take responsibility for everything that involved the business.
For the past 1 year 7 months, I’ve been breathing, eating and sleeping Tutelage (the name of my learning centre). There’s not a day that goes by without thinking about how to improve the business.
It worn me out so much that I gave up Mollylodge (my baby), my social life (quite non-existent to begin with), my free days (even public holidays) and health altogether. I fell and still am falling ill every other week due to lack of sleep or exhaustion from work.
Despite all these, I still love where I am now and I’m really proud of myself for making it this far. My desire to succeed gets even stronger owing to many detractors who did not believe in me. As for those of you who believe in me, I’m really grateful for the belief and will continue to work hard!

Now that business has stabilised, I can finally return to my love for fashion. I’ve gotten into this bad habit of hoarding lots of pretty clothes, bags and shoes to make me feel better for working so hard. Such a vicious cycle I know. Mental note to self: stop hoarding and start wearing them!

chanel1 chanel2 chanel3 chanel4 chanel5 flowers1Chanel boy new medium in lambskin light pink | Chanel classic ballerinas in classic beige/black two-toned lambskin

Mollylodge ♥


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This is what my spring/summer outfits are like. Pretty pastels cardigans and crotcheted floral white as snow skirts. I’ve always loved midi skirts that go beyond the knees, though they are not universally flattering for everyone since they do not elongate legs. Still, there’s this old world charm and romance about them that captivates me for whatever reason I can’t think of.

My other favourites of the collection that is available for sale at Mollylodge! 🙂


Neglected Space


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Finally getting my lazy ass to update this space that I’ve neglected for the longest time.

I won’t deny that orchestrating long posts kind of turned me off from posting so tweaking my mind a little into updating with short entries might just do the trick.


Mphosis shirt & necklace | Vintage Skirt from the caravan | Heels from Pedro | Thrifted clutch

Happy March! 🙂

Love is in the air!


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Shuffling between balloons, dresses, shoots and emails has been nothing short of occupying every waking hour of mine for the past weeks.

I should resolute to manage a blog post or two, albeit a short one here. How is your February coming along? It’s just so lovely for me. The boyfriend told me to leave my Tuesday free and I’m incredibly excited every single day now. I know people always find Valentine’s day commercialized and unnecessary. I beg to differ! We are always so caught up with work and do not make it a point to celebrate the relationship we’re in. These special days, just like Christmas and New Year, are like alarm clocks to wake us from the daily drill and drone so that we do special things together and etch these precious memories that we can tease each other about from time to time.

Yes, that’s the vintage seashell purse that just arrived the other day. I’ve been dreaming of such a purse for the longest time and it’s like a dream come true! Never gonna let such a gem leave me ever!

roses in cream vintage dress | coming soon @ Mollylodge
Vintage seashell purse | the caravan
Chain floral ring | forever 21
Gold plated cuff | de silver
Clock stack rings | fie japan
Heels | pazzion


Happy Chinese New Year!


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Happy Chinese New Year to all who are celebrating! I’ve been taking as much rest as I can these couple of days and finally squeeze in some time to blog! Decided to wear these yet-to-be-launched pieces from Molly Lodge for the reunion dinner and discovered that quilts go so well together with fur. This is the most luxurious fur I’ve worn to date and I can’t wait to put it up for sale!

What else do I love about this outfit?

This gold plated cuff the boyfriend bought for me a few days ago! I’m already conjuring images of me pairing it with long, flowy maxis or vintage white tops.

Bodycon coral dress | Mollylodge
Chanel inspired rabbit fur cardigan | Mollylodge
quilted lambskin bag | chanel
Gold plated cuff | de silver
Quilted heels | Charles & Keith
Arty Ring | Yves Saint Laurent


Giveaway Winner goes to…



Again another apology for posting the giveaway results late by a day! It has been a whirlwind of events preparing for CNY. Without further ado, I will like to announce the winner of the giveaway!

It goes to…

Jesslyn Ng! 🙂

Congratulations! Thanks so much to the rest of your lovely ladies for taking part in the giveaway! ♥


My first giveaway: Heels + Bracelet + Piece of Mollylodge of your choice ♥


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Sorry for being away for more than a week. I’ve been so busy with setting up the Mollylodge store as well as preparing for my first giveaway! 🙂

These were taken a week ago. Between designing the site and stocking up the store, I managed to squeeze in time for these shoots. Pretty disciplined huh? Not going to let the hours of dressing up go to waste!

Now onto my first giveaway, I’m giving away…

this lovely seashell cuffs

this beautiful brand new pair of heels ~ Size 35 to 38 (to be up for sale @ mollylodge)

and lastly, a S$50 Molly Lodge gift card to spend whatever you please in my store!

All you have to do is to:

1)      Like Molly Lodge’s facebook fan page

2)      Follow me on bloglovin’ or join Molly Lodge’s mailing list

3)      Leave a comment with your name and email after you’ve completed 1 & 2.

I’ll be doing the old-fashioned paper lot draw and the winner will be announced on this Saturday, 21st January! ♥

Update: The winner will be announced on Sunday, 22nd January instead! Sorry for the delay, I was busy spring-cleaning my messy room!

PS: International readers are welcomed to participate in the giveaway!

I call it the mollylodge park


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There is nothing more I love than to spend the evening outdoors. After the rejuvenating Bali trip, we made a pact to spend more evenings in the park or beach instead of hitting the weekend crowd in town or slouching in front of the TV at home. Turns out to be one of the best post-holiday resolution ever.

Anyway, I’m going to embark on my new venture really soon and most of what you see above are going to be up for sale in limited pieces. Stay tuned for more updates! What do you think of this beautiful pair of heels as a giveaway?

tunic shirt | mollylodge
lace shorts | rosebullet
sunglasses | christian dior
satchel sling bag | charles & keith
beanie | asos
bow necklace | ishine
bangles | chomel
heels | mollylodge